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Road Safety Outside Swiss Gardens

A Plea from the PTA

In the past week  (18th November) 2 children have been run into and injured on the road outside the school .

Next time if could be your child and it could be more serious. 

The PTA are asking that ALL parents avoid driving  past the school, dropping off  outside school and especially parking outside the school. 

A bigger review of the solutions available to improve things  is going on as we speak but every time a parent parks (badly or not), drives too fast or drops off in the road it creates a potential hazards and weakens that case for making improvements and we can fix this now but not doing it.  Let's take action now! 

If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Please protect your children and all our children to  help the school strengthen the case with the Highways Agency and West Sussex by not being that person. 

If  you'd like to note your thoughts on the safety outside the school please contact the following people who can help rather than the PTA or the school who are very much in contact with them too.

Huge Thanks and Appreciation , Let's fix what we can together. 

Swiss Gardens PTA

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