Spare as much or little time as you can to raise funds for the benefit of all the children at Swiss Gardens.

Support Competitions, Raffles  and Events - we try to keep our prices low and create a community at the School. By encouraging your children to be involved you help raise funds by having fun with the school community. 

Use The Giving Machine - You can automatically make money for the PTA  by shopping just by having this app set up on your phone. 

Donate on Just Giving - Our events are priced cheaply to encourage involvement from all. We won't chase you for cash , if you can't afford it please don't ever feel you need to pay the suggested donation. That said,  if you can spare some extra cash and want to pay more we'll be happy to accept all donations from Parents and Grandparents. 

Buy with Parent HUB if you can

By using other Swiss Gardens parents to build your website or install your summer house you will get a discount and raise money for the school.

Create a Fundraising Event with Friends 

Because there are only two of us and we both work we have to limit events and fundraising to what we have time for. IF you have an idea for an event and a group of friends to run it please get in touch and we will help you set up and promote (zoom quiz, zoom bingo? online toy or clothes sale?)