Fundraising 2019/2020

In a shorter than usual academic year last year the PTA raised £7445.00 for the School. The cancellation of the Summer Fair and Sponsored walk left us around £7000.00 short on our planned fundraising so we hope to make up some of that this year. Thankfully we had a a healthy bank balance at the start of the year and so we currently have just over £8000.00 in the bank a large proportion of which is allocated to IT Investment. Any fundraising this year will be to top up that fund and allow us to continue to contribute to the enrichment or the school resources in play, sport and elswehere.

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Donations to the School 2019/2020

From September until Lockdown the PTA used the funds you helped us raise to donate £8476.00 to the school last year.  See below for where this money was spent. With so much of our budget committed to the IT Project we need all the help we can get to raise funds for Classrooms and Play this year.

Image by Josh Appel

Bank Balance and End of Year Accounts 2019/2020

Our accounts will be available to view online shortly. Please check back regularly for updates.