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Summer Fair 

Image by Mel Poole

Summer Fair Raffle 


Quiz Night Round Up

£800 raised !!

easter egg hunt.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt Round Up 

Over £500 raised!!


Clubbing for Parents Round Up 


Coop Community Fund

Current Fund £812.12

Runs 0CTOBER 2021-OCTOBER 2022 


School Donations and Projects

Find out more about how we raise funds , how they are spent and where they are allocated for this academic year. Please get in touch if you have an idea for how the PTA can donate to the school.


Mary's Eco Garden

Mary's Garden continues to develop beautifully as the summer begins and we hope to see more and more children using it. There is £300 available to the Marys Gardens Fund from our Wear Green Day.  Thanks as ever to Mrs McManus and Andy at Broadleaf for everything they are doing to develop this area into something really amazing for the kids and to all you parents who helped us get the Tesco Bags for Help grant to fund it!

Wellbeing Room

We are delighted to be able to donate £1000.00 this year to the school wellbeing room which will benefit all children as part of the School Improvement Plan.

Yoga Class

Donating to the Digital Classroom

Funding IPads, Interactive White Boards and Projectors for all. How Swiss Gardens PTA is committed for 3 years to IT donations for the School to continue it's move towards digital classrooms.

PTA to Play

Every year the PTA donates in excess of £1K to the school for play and sports equipment. We remain committed to supplying equipment as it's needed and will continue to set aside budget for creating fun , inspiring and safe play areas.

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Classroom Donations

Each year the PTA donates funds for teachers to buy Classroom Xmas Presents and every term donations are made for teachers to buy specific Topic Related items to enhance the learning experience for children at school and build a supply of great resources.  PIctured here Y4's Curlews Book Nook by Mrs Evans funded by PTA

Arts and Music

We are always delighted to donate to the Arts and Experience Weeks at Swiss Gardens Primary School.

Image by Josh Appel

Bank Balance and End of Year Accounts 2019/20

See how much you helped us raise and what was donated to the school last year.

Donations and Payments

Swiss Gardens PTA is now cashless . Because we want all children to benefit from our events and because we know some of you are more able to donate than others,  all events will by paid for by voluntary donation to Just Giving


Gateway Hub

Swiss Gardens PTA is pleased to support the Gateway Hub which supports families in need. If you have any donations of Uniform, Clothes and Toys please check with them and donate to this worthy community project which also provides free holiday lunches for local families in need.


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